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Our Story

Bodovino in Downtown Boise is a total wine experience. Our guests can take a tasting tour of the world and enjoy a sampling of 144 bottles of wines by the glass through our Wine Emotion machines or choose from over 600 wines by the bottle. Bodovino has the largest collection of Wine Emotion machines in the United States. These machines allow us to pour the ultimate variety of wine for our guests in a user-friendly, unassuming, and inviting format.

Taste Profiles

We love to introduce people to different styles, regions, and types of wines. Maybe you will find your next favorite! We have included tasting notes on each wine to help guide you in your search. In addition we have several educational references available including taste profiles from Wine Folly. Taste the features wines and compare them to the profiles to dial in your palate and become a more astute wine taster. 

Our guests no longer have to commit to an entire bottle, or even a glass for that matter, to try something new and exciting. Our goal is to introduce people to the world of wine accompanied by delicious food and amazing service.

Our new location in The Village at Meridian allows our guests to tour through 56 wines on tap while enjoying the ambiance of the heart of the Village.  Relax by the fire or watch the central fountain and enjoy one of our fine wines, beers, or spirits.  Our Meridian location also specializes in Italian cuisine.

How It Works

Each Wine Emotion machine houses 8 different bottles of wine, each dispensing 1 oz, 3 oz, and 5 oz pours from the spouts directly above each respective bottle. We have 18 machines total, which means 144 different vines for you to try! 

Access any machine with a preloaded wine card purchased from your server at either of our registers. The initial card is $3 but is yours to keep. Load any balance you would like, and don't worry, it doesn't expire. As you roam and taste, each time you dispense a wine it will subtract the cost of the pour from your balance. Keep your card and reload it on your next visit.

Keep in Mind

Make sure you insert your card with the chip facing left, towards the wine bottles.

Hold your glass directly under the spout for the wine you have selected to avoid any splashed or runaway wine! 

We are happy to provide a fresh glass whenever you need. Just ask a staff member.

If the wine bottle runs out mid pour, don't fret. It automatically pro-rates your pour on your card. A staff member will be by soon to replenish the bottle.  

We are always happy to provide recommendations after all we're wine lovers too!